Ahmet Yapdı

“ Rescuing a hopeful fish from an aquarium trying to give its entrepreneurial breath in the blue ocean.“

Alp Onur

“ I feel like a free bird after I became a fellow as GIRVAK became a lifestyle for me.“

Berkay Ermiş

“ A community that teaches to act together, creating value full of opportunities.“

Ege Tuna Diken

“ People of different skills and backgrounds working together to grow, backing up each other and when they need each others’ strengths represented as bubbles merging to a greater bubble.“

İbrahim Öztürkci

“ Learning together with the collective consciousness in a community.“

Mustafa Fikret Uğur

“ Visionary young brains walk different paths. On the way created by hardworking bodies, their paths cross and brains build the future.“

Ravzanur Eker

“ When two friends are at the crossroads, one of them shows the road on the right with his hand“

Sabahat Gümüştaş

“ A family to guide you when you stop running or lose your way. A stop to take your breath when you need a rest.“

Türkü Ata

“ GIRVAK means happy, secure and ever-lasting supporting family for me. “

Zeynep Taşkın

GIRVAK is my big family that claps along with all the steps I take.

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