Ziya Boyacıgiller Fund

The fund created through Turkish Philanthropy Fund by Ziya Boyacıgiller's wife and Professor at Sabanci University, Nakiye Boyacigiller and her family will be given to 2 fellows from Fellow 2015 as their yearly scholarship.

“This fund that is created by contributions of Boyacigiller family to immortalize the name of Ziya Boyacigiller who conquered our hearths with his creativity, modesty and generosity and to support potential young entrepreneurs. This fund will open out a new door to a new world for 2 young entrepreneurs on the first anniversary of Ziya Boyacıgiller's departure. From all along, he was aware of the fact that a successful startup is able to increase employment, increase the values of technology, reputation and investments in the country. With this fund, he, as our idea leader, will also inspire next generation entrepreneurs who got accepted to the Fellow Program and help entrepreneurship take a valuable place through Turkey's social values.

To learn more about Ziya Boyacıgiller Fund and to make a donation , you can send an e-mail to

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