The purpose of this project is to create a sector map that includes entrepreneurship clubs, academicians, technology transfer offices, entrepreneurship centers, non-profit organizations, investors and incubation centers. This map will simplify the communication between students, academicians, entrepreneurship and incubation centers and investors.


The project was realized with the collaboration of Endeavor and Entrepreneurship Foundation, and with the grant of ISTKA (Istanbul Development Agency). It aims to encourage Design, Thinking and Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries. The objectives of this project are to increase the impact of Istanbul in creative industries, to bring it to a global competitor level with methods that help it achieve an entrepreneurship spirit and talent, to increase the delivery of products to both local and global markets and to contribute to the increase of corporate capacity.


START is a project designed by Entrepreneurship Foundation fellows Yusufcan Bozkus and Merve Toroslu. It is a project that aims to create entrepreneurship culture at high schools. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to give entrepreneurship training to a total of 10 high schools, 5 public 5 private. Besides these trainings, inspirational meetups are organized for high schools students and fellows with startups. The project is growing with startup tours and networking events.


Youngpreneurs is a trademark of Entrepreneurship Foundation for its public events. Fellows are using this name in all the events that they organize. Within the Global Entrepreneurship Week, they organized events in 8 cities and 28 universities. We also organized Youngpreneurs Open Day event for university and high school students in January 2016. We will launch Youngpreneurs TV in 2016 where there will be entrepreneur interviews held.

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Turkey's transformation towards becoming a producing country and creating value established with the vision to accelerate entrepreneurship in Girvak, create support for young people to following their own way.