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After a 17 years civil society experience, Mehru Aygül is currently working as the General Manager of Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation ( At the same time, she is the founder of Turkey's biggest non-governmental organization for youth calls Community Volunteers Foundation ( . In the belief that Social Technologies will change the world, she founded Things Project ( together with her friends and Techsoup Europe. She is still in the advisory community of Things Project. She completed an undergraduate degree at Marmara University and postgraduate degree at Bahçeşehir University on Marketing Communication and Public Relations. Aygül worked at Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organization (TACSO) as a Communication and Project specialist between 2009 and 2013. Within TACSO she contributed to organize the first international Social Entrepreneurship Conference of Turkey. After she got training on Social Entrepreneurship from INSEAD, she took part Social Change Lab-Social Entrepreneurship Incubation program in collaboration with Özyeğin University-JP Morgan and Community Volunteers Foundation. She is still working for the development of Entrepreneurship in Turkey by advising Entrepreneurship Programs. Her biggest passions are exploring new things and watching TED videos.


After graduating from Tarsus American College in 2007, Oyku Yilmaz graduated from Koc University with a double major degree in both Business Administration and Economics. After graduation, she completed her masters degree in International Finance at University of St. Andrews located in Scotland. She wrote her thesis on the subject “ Analysis of the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid in High Aid Countries". After returning back to Turkey, she started working at Endeavor Turkey as a Search and Services Analyst. After 1.5 years, she started working at the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation as a Program Assistant. Today, Oyku is the Business Development and Innovation Manager of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation. Her expertise areas are entrepreneurship, research, business plan development, business operations and strategy. Throughout her career, she has worked with entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs and she is getting her inspiration from them. Thus, her ultimate goal is to become a high-impact, successful women entrepreneur in the future.


Ece Ömür graduated from Yıldız Technical University City and Regional Planning Department in 2015. While she studying at university, she has been involved in many projects both as volunteer and professional at national and international level especially at AFS Volunteer Association and World Resources Institute(WRI). In 2014, she won a contest which was opened by Things Platform with her social entrepreneurship project "Muhit". After graduation, she worked as a program assistant of the Intercultural Exchange Programs in the Turkish Cultural Foundation for 1.5 years and realized her interest in social projects and social impact studies. She is a volunteer trainer in peer to peer education, intercultural communication and learning field. She completed her masters degree in Social Projects and Non Governmental Organizations Management at Bilgi University with her "Impact Analysis" project. Today, she is working at Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation as Programs Coordinator. Ece aims to trigger a social impact and contribute to society while engaging any kind of work. She is motivated by those values both in her personal and professional life.


After graduating from Tarsus American College in 2013, Dila studied Economics and Management both in Bilgi University. She also has an Undergraduate Economics and Management diploma from London School of Economics where she participated the program externally. After graduation she worked as an intern in Impact Hub Istanbul which allowed her to step into the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Currently, she is working at the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation as Program Responsible. She is interested in the process of social change and evolution, impact analysis and the concept of self-improvement/self-healing. She defines herself to be curious and eager to learn also, she is inspired by free-spirited people, arts and different cultures.


Işın Ünlü graduated from the Environmental Engineering Department of Yıldız Technical University on 2017. She has completed her engineering programme while simulataneously being a part of Ecole Polytechnique and Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnique Institute (KPI) educational programmes. As a member of BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), she has taken part in many domestic and international organizations as a jury member. She also has made voluntary contributions to the financial department as well. Her attention became focused on entrepreneurship as a result of having worked on entrepreneurial projects on energy production. In order to further pursue her interest in entrepreneurship, she aimed to occupy herself in this field of work. Following this decision, she started working as the Administrative and Finance Assistant of Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation. Having a great desire for experiencing new cultures, Işın aims to be a successful entrepreneur.

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