Who We Are?

Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation was founded in April 2014. Founded by business people and opinion leaders who are aware of the importance of entrepreneurship and believe that it is the key to change, Turkish Entrepreneurship foundation works with youth to advance the entrepreneurship culture and to make entrepreneurship a career alternative among young people.

The existing system in Turkey and the global entrepreneurship support mechanisms in the world consist of accelerators and further supports for those who have already decided to become entrepreneurs and who seek to transform ideas into business models and enter into the right market.

To develop the entrepreneurship culture, however, you have to create an infrastructure and so as to do this, you have to start from the basics. At this point, the right place to start is the universities.

That's why we as the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation, created our Fellow Program for university students. With our globally unique Fellow Program, we decided to focus on university students, who are open to taking risks, who stepped into being an individual and who are willing to create a change. With our 6-step scientific selection process, we select university students with a high entrepreneurship potential. Within the program, we give these young people the inspiration and the network that can change their lives, the change to organize events to give back what they learned with others, the opportunity to be an intern at startups and companies and the highest scholarship in Turkey. Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation aims to create a perspective of “giveback" among young people. If the entrepreneur eventually shares the success s/he gained through the support of others with the community, then the success could be scaled and augmented. With this philosophy, we aim to organize a Giveback Gala night –which we held for the first time in 2016— every year in order to foster the giveback culture and to increase awareness among young people and the entrepreneurship ecosystem

Besides the Fellow Program, we are creating new brand and projects such as MappedinTurkey, CreateUp, Youngpreneurs and Start to reach wider crowds where we will be able to inspire not only young people but also Turkey as a whole. As the Turkish Entrepreneurship, we are the second families of our Fellows in the program and we want to be with them throughout their whole lives. We believe that thinking with a perspective of an entrepreneur would make the world a better place, thus we continue our work accordingly.

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Turkey's transformation towards becoming a producing country and creating value established with the vision to accelerate entrepreneurship in Girvak, create support for young people to following their own way.